We Don’t Wanna Ever End-up Broke. We work hard so that we do not become broken spiritually, financially, physically or intellectually. That mantra is at the core of our team’s mission to provide authentic clothing and accessories to those who stay on the grind like us.


For some, the grind may entail studying hard or working late hours. For us, it is clothing design. We apply our unique experiences and inspirations to our take on men’s urban wear in the form of jackets, hoodies, hats, t-shirts and more.


We partner with and support local artists to promote and expose good, quality music. We may also host a purposeful event from time to time. But, at the core of all our efforts, is the DWEEB mission.


The DWEEB Lifestyle brand is the fulfillment of our lifelong dream. We got our start making graphic t-shirts in college. Today, we’ve expanded ourdesigns into edgy fashions that can be worn while hanging in the city with friends, in class or in creative business settings.


Each of our designs is centered on the core belief that inspiration can come from anywhere. But our biggest source of inspiration comes from you.


We are driven by those who believe that anything you put your mind to can be achieved. The kids who study hard and have a genuine thirst for knowledge inspire us. We live for the people who grind on a daily basis – those who personify the hustle. We hustle. Do you?